Tuesday 7 August 2012

CaRT fund-raiser idea's.

Today, charitable fund-raisers are turning to all sorts of unconventional methods to raise money and awareness for a good cause. If it works for good causes it might even work for CaRT! The Humane Society for instance  is taking a different approach to get their point across. They want more people to spay and neuter their animals and are using the sex angle in their advertising.

"Because I simply refuse to wear a condom." Was one such advertisement. If sex sells for humans and their animals, why can't it sell for the Canal and Rivers Trust as well? 

Controversy seems to be what the advertising agencies aim for. If an advert can get lots of complaints so much the better. The gold standard being having to withdraw the advert. 

I thought having a picture of the CEO of CaRT. With one of those ugly-in-a-cute way Griffon dogs on a lead. With a slogan "Cause humping your leg doesn't do it for you anymore. Why not just become a friend of CaRT?"

I can see it now, CaRT "humping" posters on billboard hoardings and bus shelters around the country.

Maybe a "Gangsta" Gruff, Rough and Tough poster approach would be a bit more controversial. The CEO with a gun with the slogan "Three pounds a month my friend, or the Swan gets it!"

I know, it's not your standard cute-cuddly approach but why should CaRT limit their marketing to Bike Rides to Brussels. They need someone with a sex-sells talent. 

I'm not talking about half-naked, thong-clad women draped over some mulit-million pound GRP cruiser. After all its good to titivate on page three of the daily chip wrapper. how about a sponsored CaRT-in-a-thong bike ride along the embankment. That would soon have everyone chugging!


Why not some Wayne and Waynetta Slob with "Three pounds a month or we get a boat." Who better to get the CaRT point across than the Slob's and their friends.


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