Monday, 11 June 2012

What am I like

My anonymous friend has asked yet another question. They asked "What are you like." The question was short, sweet, succinct and to the point. I'm for brevity in most things.

As I have said previously. I am a typical gritty Tyke and a strict stereotypical conformist. Fond of saying "Where there's brass there's money" and "Ee bah gum." Removing my flat cap makes me feel like I am selling the kids into slavery. Nevertheless, I am consciously moving away from all of my stories about mining, and living on a staple diet of black pudding, tripe, cow heel and cricket.

Now its all boats and canal locks. That's right I am abandoning my cherished cobbled street, back to back hovels and shared toilets. Giving up a lifetime of sparking clogs and ice on the insides of the windows. I am moving on from a life accompanied by a half starved Whippet dog, breeding racing Pigeons, juggling Ferrets and being miserly. Which is after all, well within my comfort zone.

Yorkshire folk are well loved because they tend to be blunt when speaking. People from Yorkshire will talk about themselves as Tykes and are proud of their county and traditions. They drink their beer quietly and are always the last to the bar.

Yorkshire folk seem to possess features that mark them out as somewhat different from others. Independent and with an anti-patronising spirit. With a tight grip over their their brass. It is uncommonly hard to get any money out of a Tyke. Cautious and circumspect in all matters, especially those that touch his pocket. Shrewd at making a bargain and economical in all his ways. A Tyke is hospitable and he is seldom found wanting. 

That's what I am like!


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