Saturday, 2 June 2012

Reigning on my parade.

I think it was Barbra Streisand who sang in "Funny Girl" about someone not raining on her parade. June the 3rd this year is a big parade day in the life of your scribe. I shall reach a significant milestone and the government will start to repay the regular lone shark payments I was forced to give them throughout my working life. We will be out somewhere on a river chugging along into retirement. (I know, we made a slightly early start last year.)

Someone else called Madge, is also having a celebratory day on June the 3rd and it will be for reigning on, her parade. Like us she could have been having a day on the river in a boat specially constructed for her. However the rumour mill has it that the boat will go out on the river. Minus Madge, as she is giving it a miss. 

Now that's a lot of dosh to spend on a boat that's not going to be used much. Its the same with her horse drawn gold painted cart, that also gets used infrequently. However, unlike me she has been getting regular payments from the government all the time.

I'm not a fan of Madge, I think it was the accordion shaped PIP breast implants that did it. I'm also not a big fan of her genre of music. 

Why is it that everywhere you go, they play that dreary, dirge we call the national anthem. I agree with Billy Connolly we need something different. Something bright and uplifting. I think the BBC's formula one theme (Fleetwood Mac's 'The Chain') would be great.

Bill's thinks, the music from the Archers would be much better and lively option. So as you watch the squandering of a squillion quid on another day of mourning, for the banker bailout paupers that are the British taxpayers. Who in a time of double bubble toil and trouble that is known as the recession. Are at the same time underwriting the Olympic Games which will give us another white elephant stadium or two - just like the riverside millennium garden tent!  

Just give a thought for your scribe who will be celebrating, with a glass of the falling down liquid. As we approach the upper Trent area, thinking of what might have been. If only the first Cromwell and his army had gotten their act together.


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