Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Radical Cleric Abu Hamza.

Maffi on his Blog has put a long list of "Keywords" intended to foil the Americans mail monitoring service. I would imagine that the systems are a bit more robust than tied to a list of key words. We now have a one-way extradition treaty with Uncle Sam. The United Kingdom's unique extradition arrangement with the United States of America is very draconian. They can demand from us British nationals to extradite. However, we can't do the reverse. (Apparently Its against the American constitution). In the UK the US does not have to produce prima facie evidence for extradition of anyone.

Over the last year or two - several naughty individuals including youngsters and people with mental health problems have been taken through our courts to be extradited to the US. Gary McKinnon and Richard O’Dwyer are two cases in question.

Today it has been decided by the European court of human rights that Abu Hamza, the radical cleric who became the face of violent extremism in Britain, can be extradited to the US to face terrorism charges. The court also said the human rights of four other men held in Britain – Babar Ahmad, Syed Tahla Ahsan, Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled Al-Fawwaz – would not be violated if sent to the US to stand trial.

It has to be said that the Americans take a dim view of anyone doing - Anti-American Activities - such as Maffi's posting is suggesting. They see this foiling of email monitoring as a direct threat to American homeland security and its electronic security systems.

Maffi might need to pack more than an overnight case. I wonder where I should send the cake with a file inside, or would that be Anti-American. ;-)


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