Friday, 6 April 2012

Have you noticed.

Have you noticed all the daft changes today,
One of the things that, wee Jack would once say,
On the canals now they lead, a life of leisure
In my boating life, the canal were no pleasure.

Up before dawn, no matter what weather,
Horse to collar and harness, buckling the tether,
Hay bale on the foredeck, for the end of her day,
Brasses to polish, which comes with no pay.

A hot cup of Rosie, is breakfast for me,
First light of dawn, now the towpath I see,
The horse leans into the rope, the boat is now off,
First cigarette of the day, to stoke up my cough.

Hat, coat and scarf, to walk with the mare,
I'm prepared for the weather, good, bad or fair,
Clog irons are worn and a cobbler I need,
The horse needs a farrier, she comes afore me.

Diesel motors now used, to replace a good mule,
The boat owners know nowt, for they are all fools,
Engine noise and smoke, now blow in their face,
Pushing to go faster, and raising the pace.

The work boats have now gone, as has wee Jack,
His kind now a mystery, there's no turning back,
The subject of books, of a life that now gone,
Long faded memories, of a time once upon,


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