Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Big One (1-7)

Saturday 7th April 2012 Brighouse Top Lock to Brighouse Top Lock

08:00 Is it me? In February when we had the first few days of the very mild weather. Followed by the wonderful hot days we had in March. Now, I somehow can't get used to the idea its not summer. It seems strange that we are having to make a fire in the stove on the cold nights! The seasons have certainly turned on their head. Yes its only the beginning of Spring and there are a few weeks to go to the start of summer.

08:30 Alternator woes are top of the agenda this morning. If the alternator is down - the Easter weekend is not going to be the best time to get a fast fix on the problem. Our current alternator is a 70 Amp model and I was wondering about an upgrade!

The best prices so far ar with I-Sales Limited.
Beta Marine Alternator (Modified for Beta Battery Management System)
14V 70amp Iskra IA0883
Beta 38 4Cyl 38Hp 1.5Ltr
£107.33 inc VAT and delivery.

This is the 100 amp upgrade alternator.

Beta Marine Alternator (Modified for Beta Battery Management System)
14V 100amp Iskra IA1069
Beta 38 4 Cyl 38Hp 1.5Ltr
£180.34 inc VAT and delivery.

12:00 It turns out that the alternator is fine, it seems to be a problem with the "Beta Battery Management System." A quick check inside the box of tricks shows that the control circuit board has a burnt out diode. The usual electronics engineers sniff did not give a strong smell of burning. So it may have been this way for some time. The diode has a small hole in the side so it seems not to have been a short circuit failure. (If anyone has a circuit diagram for this device, I would be interested to have a view of it.) The leisure battery bank seems to be charging OK. 

Abbey one half of the vessels complement of dogs has had a bout of tummy trouble. She is a bit senior in years, much like the rest of the crew. She also seems to be a bit more prone to a few ailments as she gets on in years - much like the rest of the crew. We have discovered a wonder drug for fixing doggie and human tummy trouble. Its called Pepto Bismol and can be purchased over the counter in any chemist. For human consumption we use a spoon, for doggie consumption we use a small plastic syringe. A quick squirt for the dogs is easy this way. For us its a spoon full. For the dogs its a measured 10cc's that seems to be the correct dosage. Just one fix of the pink strawberry flavoured stuff is all it needs. When Abbey sees the Pepto Bismol bottle - she starts her "running, jumping, not standing still" malarkey.

The Jobsworth "you can't moor here" seems to be overly interested in what we are doing and making regular patrols to observe how we are going on. I left a message on arrival on the answerphone of the moorings officer for British Waterways. Advising that we are broken down and unable to move at the moment. From conversations with some of the locals. Jobsworth (also known to the locals as Bluto) is not all that popular with many mooring in the area.

14:00 The replacement Morse control cable has arrived. What would on the surface seem to be a simple job to do. Was made hard work by having to strip down the whole unit to get to a small split pin! Then put everything together to test to operation. Then have to strip the controller down again (twice) to get to the split pin, just to make some minor adjustments for correct operation.

18:00 A space has now come available so we have moved round the corner onto the visitor moorings. It will save the curtains from constant twitching!

Daily Total Miles: 0
Locks: 0
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 0.0


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