Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Big One (1-4)

Wednesday 4th April 2012 - Castleford Flood Lock to Broad Cut Low Lock (River Calder)

Yesterday seemed to be an evening for dogs, as Poppy made friends with the dog off Nb Northern Mist and a good time was had in a half hour ball chasing session on the tow path. Abbey did her thing and did a self invited reconnoitre onto another boat. If nothing else we are becoming much more social with our neighbours by the introductions being organised by Abbey. The stove has been keeping us all warm and snug, even the heat leaking into the pram cover is keeping the windows demisted.

08:00 The rain has been falling steadily all night, The wind was quite strong at times also. Now, snow is falling or possibly sleet is a more accurate description. Well, all the seasons have been and gone in the last few days.

We are currently breasted up as the visitor moorings are quite full. Poppy the dog was given a bath last night, a quick blow dry and her coat was then clipped a bit shorter in readiness for the warmer weather to come. Abbey eyed all this with some trepidation as it is her turn tonight when we stop again!

09:00 We finally made our way through the flood lock and out onto the river. The lock keeper was going to close the flood gates after we passed through as the river was beginning to rise after the over night rain. The rise in water level was 4" over night and a further 2" within the previous hour. My hands were so cold that the Memsahib had to search out a pair of gloves to help me keep warm!

The journey up river was uneventful as we were following a couple of large barges including the tanker Humber Pride. The barges soon disappeared off into the distance and we meandered up stream at our leisure. As we passed on and off the river through various canal sections it was obvious that the river was running more and more water. It was time to stop meandering and to get to our destination ASAP and get off the river. At Broadreach Lock (Wakefield) we were treated to the sight of a steam locomotive on full regulator pulling about 15 carriages (with a diesel loco attached at the rear of the train)

15:30 We left the River Calder at Broad Cut Low Lock. I noticed that the river level was half way up the yellow section of the level indicator. Half an hour later and the level was just into the red. There is no shortage of water up north!

We have moored up for the night at the Navigation Inn where we will be having a meal out.  (Broad Cut Road, Calder Grove, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF4 3DS ) Great "home cooked" meals but not at a price to suit every pocket. if you visit watch for the five Rottweilers.

Not a good day for spotting wild life. Apart from Mallards and Swans everything else was keeping a low profile. No bats detected either, strong wind and light rain put paid to that.

Daily Totals
Miles: 10.6
Locks: 8
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 6.3

Rosie's Running Totals
Distance 563.1 miles
Locks 586
Swing / Lift Bridges 100
Tunnels 6
Pump-outs 8
Engine Hours: 2029.3

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