Saturday, 17 March 2012

When is a door not a door.

Do you remember the old trick questions that children asked each other, such as "What's Black and White yet Red all over?"  (Read = Red) or "When is a door not a door" (ajar = a jar).

So let me ask you a question, When is a Charity not a Charity?

When its a limited company?
When its not registered at the charity commission?
When it has directors and not trustees?

Looks like CaRT has started to put to good use the old smoke and mirrors tricks as practised by British Waterways. Now, would you put your hand in your pocket and give a charitable donation to a limited company - especially one with a well known piss poor board of management who are on large remunerations and bonuses? You know - the same ones who say I shall not be taking my bonus - but then go on and do so. The ones who have failed the freedom of information requests and now look highly likely to be taken to task by the FOI commissioner.

I have written to my MP and asked him to look into the whole matter.

Watch this space.


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