Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Top Gadget is Free Key Keyring.

Sometimes you see a gadget and think - why did I not think of that.

The best and most useful of gadgets come from the most basic and simple of ideas. I have come across a German gadget that should be in every boaters pocket. Have you ever tried putting a key on a split ring type keyring. Broken nails and blood always accompany my clumsy efforts. If ever a simple gadget could cause torture and the uttering of expletives its the keyring.

Now, there is a new keyring device by Eric von Schoultz called a "Free Key" Rather than a round piece of metal turned into a tight corkscrew. Its brilliantly simple, this time its flat metal and has a small kink in the surface to act as a fulcrum point to open the keyring. This makes attaching an releasing a key a doddle. It's not rocket science, its simplistic re-engineering to make a better product.

See the little alternative Free Key keyring device here.

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