Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Spring is just around the corner - maybe!

This is the third day back on the boat, still moored up for now, whilst I attack a backlog of repairs and updates. Sunday was a warm day and everyone was out on the wharf chattering and having a good time. Monday brought with it another cold overcast day. Today broken cloud with the sun peeping through and already its warmer than yesterday.

There is a Robin singing in the bushes next to the boat. he's busy trying to attract a mate as he starts out on another breeding year. The bird feeders are busy with Sparrow, Greenfinch and three different Tits. A Blackthorn is starting with its first snow white flowers. Catkins are hanging with their gold and green tails. The first of the furry leaf buds are starting to swell towards opening. Hold your breath, I think we are seeing the first flush of spring.

I have a few more external jobs to do on the boat including a small rust patch that I discovered hiding away under the top box. So if the slightly milder weather continues to hold out, the rust spot will be my priority for today. There are however quite a few jobs still left to do on the Topsy like to-do-list.


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