Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On - Again!

I wrote a bit about "Keep Calm and Carry On" a few days ago. I thought at the time that I could remember the phrase being used on a wartime poster. It seems I was wrong - there was such a poster but it was not put into circulation. The series of three posters published by the Ministry of Information were intended as public reassurance posters.

Keep Calm and Carry On was one part of a series of three and the other two were published at the time. Keep Calm and Carry On was intended for use only if England was invaded by the Germans.

The British Crown on Freedom Is In Peril like the other posters was a part of the wartime governments inspirational propaganda aimed at the general public. You do it for your King and your Country. Being merged into a we are all in this together mentality - including the Royal Family.

Your Courage, Your Cheerfulness, Your Resolution is what we might call today a feel good factor. The government was playing with our perceptions and at the same time bolstering the stiff upper lip of the men and women of our brave nation.

So I wonder if CaRT will come along with some inspirational posters of its own to encourage us to volunteer. I have an idea for one.

Trust Us We Know What We Are Doing. Its also a very catchy slogan. The gold lettering suggest the financial difficulties are a thing of the past. The new logo of a swan with its wings in an angry posture - suggests how people think about British Waterways. Now that Hales & Co have been given a leg up to their pensions. We will all have to Keep Calm and Carry On with more of the same old, same old. Anyone who does not agree must have square bollards!

Feels a bit uncomfortable around the Trussocks this morning!

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