Saturday, 20 August 2011

Multiplication - that's the name of the game.

In the words of a song "Multiplication, that's the name of the game." as sung by Bobby Darin. But in my case, its with regard to the narrow-boat blog. I like Blogger, but I am having some serious problems with posting items. This is due to some quirk with MS Internet Exploder version 9 and Blogger. My PC is set to do MS auto updates and so it auto updated Internet Exploder. Luckily my laptop is still on Internet Exploder version 8 and I have now turned auto up-dates off.

So I have been looking at moving the blog to another site, just to get away from the posting issues.

Then Blogger went off-line for a whole day in May whilst they fixed a few upgrade issues. So this set me to thinking even more about self-preservation of my blog. I came up with a simple solution. Duplicate the blog content between two hosting sites. So I chose WordPress which is another popular blogging application.

I wanted to move to a mainstream site and after experimenting with a number of products I seem to have settled on WordPress. All blog hosting sites seem to have their own little quirks and so I may just run the sites in tandem for the time being. I need to get my head around learning WordPress'es little foibles (that means learning how to get round problems) this may take some time.

To see what I am playing around with - you can find the blog mirror here on narrowboat73

Later ....

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