Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tinsley Marina (5)

Is there a solution?

I don't know. I am reluctant to take part in any form of reconciliation as I don't want to be seen as being for or against one side or the other. I know people that I consider to be good friends and acquaintances who are in one camp or the other. I certainly have no intention to alienate any one of them. It is up to everyone to put any prejudice and ill feelings behind them. To extend the hand of friendship to one another. Leaving all the difficulties where they belong, in the past.

What is apparent is that for many their perception is that there seems to be a desire to implement only the ideas of a minority of boat owners. That a significant number of boat owners do not feel that they have any real input to what is seen to be happening. That changes can and do take place despite their concerns and opposition. People feel that their deep held concerns are of no concern and considered frivolous to the Tinsley Boat Club. There are many facets to this issue, I have only addressed some of them.
Maybe BW should step in and bring back some semblance of balance and fairness to what is in effect causing deep divisions amongst some of the boat owners. A meeting each quarter with the local manager to address any issues would go some way to bringing everyone back together.
Well, I have tried to give an explanation of the issues as I understand them to be. If there are discrepancies in the actuality it is down to a lack of understanding on my part. I don't want to see people who enjoy life at Tinsley Marina begin to feel that the atmosphere is one in which they are now increasingly unhappy.

There has to be a much easier solution than voting with your feet or in this case with your boat. We are all grown up adults and should be able to sit down together and to resolve the disagreements. To do that will require give and take by everyone.

I have asked a couple of people who's opinion I trust. Who know something of the issues in much greater detail than myself. To read through this and to give me some critical comment as to accuracy. I am trying to be unbiased and to give balance and fair comment. Its not an easy task because I know that I will have stood on the toes of people in either camp. Individuals whose opinion, I know will differ to mine.
If anyone is offended by my remarks, I offer my unreserved apology. My comments are intended to be constructive and not destructive and should be taken in that context.
The matter is now unfortunately in the wider public domain. By being aired on a mainstream waterways forum and by the disabled anglers is being aired elsewhere. I hope that these comments will stop any further speculation and internal dissent one way or the other. That people will realise that Tinsley Marina is second to none for facilities and a good environment to moor your boat in.

There are disagreements between individuals, but as adults sharing a common interest and lifestyle we should be able to listen to each others viewpoint, understand the other persons concerns and if necessary agree to disagree. We should feel free to make known our thoughts and to part as friends. Personality conflicts should have no place at Tinsley Marina.

Is it going to change over night – I don't think so. People still feel aggrieved and it will take some time for the deep and divisive divisions to repair themselves.

Time is a good healer, patience is a virtue, an unwarranted remark is enough at this time to inflame the situation.

That's my thoughts.

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  1. Oh dear..... It reads like there are a few people with too much time on their hands leading others astray.

    BW need to show some leadership or the situation could deteriorate further.


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