Friday, 17 February 2012


We have just joined The Cutweb Internet Boating Club. The advantage of joining an AWCC registered club, is in order to make our extended 8/9 month cruises easier, where possible leaving one's boat at visitor moorings at AWCC clubs. CIBC is a 'virtual' boating club, with no moorings, club house, etc. But still affiliated to the AWCC. Thus, the 'virtual', Internet based, CIBC became a good option for us. The only requirement for membership is an Internet Account and a subscription to the Cutweb Internet Boating Club. The subscription is £10 per year.

I have been catching up with some of my backlog of maintainance chores.

I have replaced all of our lights (22) with LED replacements. The system seems to be working just fine. Measuring the current drawn with the previous bulbs gave a figure of 17.7 amps. Measured with using the LED lights gives a total of 1.9 amps. Quite a saving!

I am also fitting a voltage regulator into the lighting circuit. Because LED's are sensitive to over voltage - their working life can be shortened by a big margin if the voltage is much more than 12v. The regulator input range is 8-40v DC the Output voltage is 12V DC Output current at 3A (Max) or 36W You can find these regulators advertised on eBay for about £20

Well I have been working on my winter maintenance list which I started at the end on November. Some things have moved on a bit, but I still have a few outstanding jobs to complete. The Memsahib has started to spring clean the boat and we expect to be on board by the weekend. We should be ready to start our cruise in a couple of weeks time.

Managed to do a good deal with a couple of suppliers for three 80watt solar panels. Complete with 20amp MPPS solar panel regulator, all for less than £300 in total.

The Current Job List:-

1. Sterilise the water system throughout the boat before draining down.
2. Fix problem with pump out tank level indicator. (waiting for replacement part)
3. Check the antifreeze level in the central heating system.
4. Checking the antifreeze level in the engine coolant.
5. Engine oil change and oil filter change.
6. Visual check of all engine belts.
7. Dose the fuel tank with diesel bug treatment.
8. Check the roof joint on the stove pipe and reseal.
9. Fill up the diesel tank.
10. Rust spot eradication on roof.
11. Cure small leak round saloon window.
12. Battery bank replacement.
13. Insulating the windows for the winter. (bubble wrap)
14. Front cratch cover fitted.
15. Rear cover fitted.
16. Gas bottle replaced.
17. Update lighting to LED
18. Repair to pram cover.
19. Fitting the washing machine. (Started)
20. Modify the saloon table.
21. Additional shelf space. (Started)
22. New boat pole.
23. Rope replacements. (parts ordered)
24. Side fender replacements.
25. Button fender shackle replacements. (parts ordered)
26. Modify the top box height.
27. Install and test new diesel generator.
28. Install and test new solar panels.
29. Prepare paintwork for re-painting. (delayed to spring 2013)
30. Install self pump out pump. (parts ordered)
31. Replace floor covering in bedroom.
32. Re-varnish saloon.
33. Fit finishing strips to saloon area.
34. Black the hull.
35. Replace water pump.
36. Pump out the toilet system and drain down for the winter.
37. Install Villager Puffin back boiler.
38. Fit 12v regulator into lighting circuit, to hold at 12v for LED lights.
39. Fit MPPS regulator for solar panels.
40. Fit tray to boat roof, for holding items.
41. Make and fit new curtains. (Memsahib)
42. Fit new carpet in saloon and kitchen area.
43. Make angle brackets for mounting solar panels.
44. Replace stove door seals. (parts ordered)
45. Test run ALDI central heating system.
46. Repair to back door panel.
47. Repair lock on boat outer doors.
48. Fit internal lock on inner doors.


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  1. Item # 1012 Check any dingly dangly dongle thingys are in good working order.
    Item # 1013 Iron any dents out of captains hat.


    PS: Word verification: "WELLSAND" so check woodwork..


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