Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Boaters Alphabet (M)

This is one of an occasional series of entries into my blog. The "Boaters Alphabet" today's letter is M and is for Mooring, a safe place that boats can tie up overnight. The pleasure of a mooring that changes each day can be a refreshing change from a bankside mooring built with in bricks and mortar.

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I enjoy all aspects of coastal images, the sea, boats and harbours, as well as rugged and beautiful cliffs. Scotland, mainly the Moray Firth area, but other areas as well, is a place I enjoy, and find true peace and relaxation there. I love nature, and when I take a picture of a desolate or foreboding urban scene, it is to remind myself what a mess mankind is capable of making, and unlike things of natural beauty in the world, over time the accomplishments of man fade away. Steve B Milner

is for Money the biggest consumable on board a boat. A boat has been described as a hole in the water in which you throw lots of money.

is also for Memories which are ethereal, transient and money can never buy. A warm summers evening, a fresh morning frost. Magical moments, with smells and sounds. The instant picture of the minds eye. Its a hard job that someone has to do, today its my turn.

Mainsail - The largest regular sail on a sailboat.
Makefast - secure a line.
Mast - Vertical spar that supports sails.
Mayday - A radio distress call.
Midships - A location near the centre of a boat.
Mizzen mast - A shorter mast located aft of the main mast on a yawl or ketch.


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  1. And:

    M is for Mike
    M is for Mags


    PS: Was going to sign "H" but thought better of it - too much potential for confusion..


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