Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weather to go out.

I can't make my mind up "weather" to go out.

Scattered snow showers and freezing temperatures are on the way forecasters have warned. The Met Office has upgraded its cold weather alert to Level 3, stating that there was a 100% probability of "severe" conditions across most of England this week. According to the Met Office temperatures will drop to as low as -6C (21.2F) on Wednesday and on Thursday, when daytime maximums will be no more than 3C (37.4F). Severe weather warnings for ice were also issued for Monday night and Tuesday morning across eastern parts of England and Scotland, and Northern Ireland, south-west England and south Wales.

A high pressure system hanging over Scandinavia and western Russia is pushing raw, easterly winds towards the UK, meaning this will be the longest spell of cold weather so far this winter. The mercury could plummet to as low as -6C in rural parts of south Wales on Tuesday night, and -5C (23F) in Devon.
The minimum temperatures will be -3C (26.6F) and -2C (28.4F) across the country generally.

Another log for the fire me thinks....


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