Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Another bad day.

Our old and ancient cat, who has put in a number of appearances on the blog has passed away peacefully. Jasper was a real one off character, not taken to exploring outside of his own garden. This may be why he lived to three times the average age for a cat! His life of leisure came complete with a harem of two other cats who doted upon him. Often to be seen enjoying the sun in the back conservatory whist being groomed by his two girl friends.

Jasper was adept at keeping our two dogs in line, which he did with some panache. It was not unusual for him to give out the odd boxing lesson. With a loud voice that demanded instant service from his human slaves. He was always the first to be fed and liked to lend some credence to his authority by muscling the dogs out of their dishes. His task at which he excelled was in removing moles. When we first arrived in the area the neighbourhood gardens were over run by moles. Within a year, the mole population was decimated and the neighbourhood lawns took on a putting green quality once more. 

Happy and healthy for most of his prodigious life, it was only in the last couple of years that his old frame became a bit stiff first thing in a morning. (something he shared with me) More recently he became the owner of a hyper thyroid for which he was on medication. Its said that cat's have nine lives, this old boy lived everyone to the full and in complete luxury. If there is an after-life and we do get the opportunity to come back again but in a different form - I want to come back as Jasper.


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