Sunday, 27 November 2011

Happy Second Blog Day!

It was on the 27th of November 2009 that I started to write this blog. In the main it has been about boating, but I have drifted off the main course from time to time with the odd side trip.  The thing is, that when I look back through the various postings, I can see things that got under my skin then which now, I wonder why I bothered.

There have been about 358 postings in that time, plus a few informational pages. So some 730 days after my first posting the average is about one posting every two days. Some of my postings are a bit long winded and some of them take about three or four days to write. I did at one time start to tidy up my posts. You know, fix the odd errors. Then I noticed that I would spend as much time re-writing the posts as I did creating them. So I stopped doing fixes. What you get now, is as it trips off my fingers. If it reads odd - then read it again, this time starting at the back and reading towards the front.

First Year Blog and Boat Statistics.  
Miles 123                                                      
Locks 79                                                       
Swing bridges 9                                           
Tunnels 0
Blog postings made. 157                             
Total number of visitors 3,597               

Second Year Blog and Boat Statistics.
Miles  307
Locks  284
Swing Bridges  64
Tunnels  6

Blog Postings Made. 201
Total Number of Visitors. 27,403

Blog and Boat Statistics Running Totals.
Miles  430
Locks  363
Swing Bridges  73
Tunnels  6

Blog Postings Made. 358
Total Number of Visitors. 31,000
My fingers are slower than my mind and sometimes my fingers never catch-up with my train of thought. Like a newspaper edition, postings on a blog are only current until the next posting. Well almost, there are about twenty postings that seem to get a steady stream of regular viewing. The puzzle is why, because some of them are not notable in any way. Well I don't think so.

So what will the next year hold in store?

Next year will be more about our time spent afloat. More of my brickbats launched in the direction of BW or CaRT. I enjoy blogging and sharing my grumpy jaundiced view on life with anyone who cares to read.

The blog will continue to highlight what I feel are issues of note. The change from BW to CaRT is giving me a great deal of ammo to vent my spleen at. The Caption Competition and Blog of the Month seem to be popular so I will continue to run with them.

The one-liner motto added to each posting also seem to have become popular as well.

I do enjoy getting occasional feedback from my reader. Often that feedback is the seed for other postings. I do have opinions and the medium of the blogosphere lets me share my opinion with other long suffering readers, whether they want to share in my opinion or not.

As well as this blog. I contribute content to a couple of other blogs which are aimed at a whole different sphere of interest. So I don't put as much effort into this one as I could.


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