Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (7-2)

Tuesday October 4th
Knottingley to Southfield Reservoir.
Day 44

We returned to the boat this morning completer with a whole pile of fresh washed clothes. A late start as the boat needed to be brought down of the slipway. The blacking looked very impressive and is one of those regular tasks that helps to maintain the hull in good condition.

We were under way by 12:30 The weather was a little overcast but the wind had a very cold bite to it, so that I put on a few extra layers. A steady run past Kellingley Colliery and we stopped to do a bit of shopping at the post office near Old Whitley Bridge.

Soon we were on our way again to Whitley Lock, a call on the radio established that the lock was manned and we quickly passed through. As we left the lock I heard a commercial boat call Whitley on channel 74. He said he was approaching Kellingley Colliery and so was about half an hour behind us. We headed for Pollington Lock and as the lock came into view I called up on the radio to find that the lock was also manned. We were requested to moor up as the Humber Pride was about to enter the lock through the bottom gates.

The locking process was much slower than normal. As the Humber Pride left the lock the other commercial boat Fusedale arrived and we were three abreast in the lock entry. I was surprised when Fusedale entered the lock passing a red light! There was more than enough room for us to join them in the lock but the gates were closed on us before we could move. We have shared the same lock with the Humber Princess in the past.

After Fusedale cleared the lock, the lock keeper cleared off in his van leaving the lock set against us! Not a word to us on the radio, just the change to an amber light to indicate manual operation. After clearing Pollington Lock a short cruise soon brought us to Southfield Reservoir, we decided to moor there for the night.

I lit the stove tonight as the temperature was a bit low for creature comforts aboard. The dogs love the stove to be lit and Abbey soon took up her usual guard position, sat on her haunches directly in front. Years of experience have honed her senses in detecting the slightest hint of warmth from any heat source. Some dogs can sniff out drugs, Abbey can sniff out the slightest trace of heat.

One Pipistrelle detected.

Daily Total
Distance: 10 Miles.
Locks: 2
Swing / Lift Bridges: 0
Tunnels: 0
Pump Outs: 0
Engine Hours: 1970.1

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