Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Observers Book of I-Spy Working Boats

Observers Book of I-Spy Working Boats

Do you remember from the 50-60-70's the little brown Observers book of (some aspect of everyday life). I have a couple of old copies of the Observers Book of Birds and the Observers Book of Birds Eggs. I remember having a copy of the Observers book of Aircraft – which is unfortunately long lost.

Then there were the I-spy books of the 50-60's and Big Chief I-Spy. I understand that the I-Spy books are now being updated and re-published once again.

So by way of a nod to my childhood – I have created my own list of the Observers I-Spy of Working Boats. The ones that we have “Observed” are in bold text and the ones we are hoping to eventually “I-Spy” are in normal text.

Now I know that the list is short and that there are many other current and once upon a time “working boats” still out on the canal. So if you know of any addition to my list of the Observer book of I-Spy Working Boats. I would be pleased to add them to the list.

  • Robin Hood
  • Arthur-A-Bland
Work boats:
  • MCB13
  • Pride of Collingham
  • Calder
  • Hood
  • Hiddekel
  • Humber Princess
  • Humber Pride
  • Humber Jubilee
  • Humber Energy
Dry cargo barges:
  • Humber Enterprise
  • Humber Renown
  • Battlestone
  • Easedale
  • Heather Rose
  • Farndale
  • Fossdale
  • Fusedale
  • River Star
  • Seagull
  • Inland Navigator
  • Risby


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