Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Footie fan

Most of you will know that I am a football fan. I support Manchester United and obviously I enjoy it when one or other player gets himself into the media spotlight. Wayne Rooney and Grandmothers as well as Ryan Giggs and trouser zips come to mind. Talented they are, paragons of virtue they are not.

I know that some like the Dirty Digger media empire would say, because they are in the public eye and have a celebrity status that they should be paragons of virtue. Also that they have some sort of ill defined duty to be squeaky clean in their private lives. This guidance being the idea of the Telephone Tapping Media mogul who currently dominates the news.

So come on then, put up your hand if you are a squeaky clean individual. mmmm, not many hands on view. Now, there are others that are in the media and celebrity spotlight that do things that would make anyone say WTF was that all about!!!!

Mario Balotelli, like him or loathe him is very unpredictable player on or off the pitch.

Mario is also having something of an unpredictable time at home. The fire brigade were recently called to extinguish a fire in his bathroom. Sparks on and off the field seem to be his trade mark. I say this because the fire apparently was started in the bathroom by a firework. Now call me old and cynical - but WTF were fireworks doing in his bathroom and WTF were they set off?

While every other premiership Lothario's is busy doing the usual like being entertained by prostitutes or sleeping with the other family members spouses, Balotelli gets it on by setting fire to his own house and crashing his cars. Mario, a word of advice. The bathroom might not be the best place to have a firework display in. You should try the front parlour or the boot of your car.

So as the 5th of November approaches and our children get ready to celebrate Guido Fawkes night. (Guido was once voted the best man to enter parliament)  Who better to be a firework safety ambassador than Mario Balotelli.



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