Sunday, 21 August 2011

Tinsley Marina (3)

By way of an example:-

I understand that recently there was a confrontation between members of the Tinsley Boat Club Fishing Section (bailiff) and a disabled angler in a wheelchair. The outcome was that the police were involved. This action caused some concern amongst other boat owners. Some feel that – once again by inference as boat owners – they are all being viewed as supporters of the fishing ban. Thereby souring the relationship that they have built over many years with the local anglers.

There was at one time some talk about personal privacy issues. How anyone can expect to moor within a few feet of their neighbour and maintain any significant level of privacy beats me. But this concern was then aimed at anyone fishing in the marina precincts. I even overheard a complaint aimed at people walking on the side of the marina. For my privacy issues I use curtains whenever I feel it is appropriate.

One disabled angler now comes to the Marina, he sits in the same place as he did to fish before. But now he does this without actually fishing. Banning fishing in this particular case puts the privacy issue into a whole new perspective.

I understand that one Marina boat owner has had their car tyres slashed and this person feels that it could possibly be as a result of the fishing ban being imposed. A fishing ban that this individual was totaly opposed to in the first place.

I feel that if a dispensation was made for the disabled anglers to be able to continue to enjoy fishing from the few spots that they are able to reach with their wheelchairs. This would be a much more proportionate response than a total blanket ban. Its a small concession to make. The disabled have enough of a hard time without further barriers being placed upon them. The anglers are supposed to be our friends and acquaintances not our enemy or an unwanted neighbour with a disability. I understand that the Tinsley Boat Club Fishing Section have refused to give the disabled angler access.

Previously, I understand that the door locks were changed on request of the Tinsley Boat Club on the BW maintained sanitary station. This once again, this was opposed by none members of the Boat Club and subsequently after some dispute the locks were changed back. I have no axe to grind on this issue, as it had occurred before we arrived. But I would be a bit peeved if as a boater, if I wanted to visit the sanitary station and my BW key did not work. As would any other boater passing through this part of the waterways system. We are all boaters sharing a resource that should be available to all.

One person at the marina pointed out to me that the fishermen on the canal were seen to be using the BW sanitary station toilets. My take on this is that as an Inland Waterways user and someone who had purchased a BW key, then they were as entitled to use the facilities as any other waterway user. Be that a walker, boater, fisherman or cyclist. I am sure that BW would also hold that line. Why would anyone begrudge the use of the facilities to someone in such need.

Another issue is that there is a small shared compound space where boat owners can place a locker to store items of equipment. I understand that the locker spaces are only available to Tinsley Marina Boat Club members. As we are leisure moorers we have little need for any external storage. However, I know that some people who are not members of the boat club feel a bit left out when they would like a space in the compound. At the same time some Tinsley Boat Club members have more than one space allocated within the compound.

Some people see themselves as Marina clientèle who are being disadvantaged because they choose not to be a member of the Boat Club. These individuals would like to see BW manage the allocation of space in the compound.

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