Friday, 26 August 2011

Summer Autumn Cruise 2011 (1-5)

Day 5 Clarence Dock Leeds.
Thursday 26th of August 2011.

We were awoken at 6:30 by heavy rain on the roof. Decided that we will stay here on the visitor moorings until there is a break in the rain and we have had a walk round the city centre. We would also like to fit in a visit to the Royal Armouries.

Found a visitor mooring with a couple of pounds of credit on the meter. Makes a pleasant change from feeding the electric meter and then leaving with some credit still on. I intend to purchase some of the BW electric cards at the Leeds office because they are thirty units for £10. At Tinsley Marina there are only 25 units on the BW card for £10. I also want to purchase some of the visitor mooring cards at £1 each. We were moored next to Nb Lindsey Ann last night. She was last seen when the proud new owners were collecting her from Sheffield Basin.

Visitors expected later today in the form of John and Tracy calling in for a meal (one of the Memsahib's Chicken Curry Specialities) this evening. Dipped the fuel tank which was not quite full and found that we have used about a quarter tank (200 litres) so we are averaging 2 litres per hour when cruising at 1400 RPM 3mph. The rain has not stopped all day and so we have lit the fire for the first time this cruise. I hope we don't have many more days like today. We noticed that the city centre went very quiet last night when it started raining. The bistro's and cafe's are very empty!!


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