Monday, 15 August 2011

Retirement party

Aldwark Lock
Well, yesterday (Sunday) was the occasion of our long awaited retirement party. The usual half pissed rabble turned up, but that's enough about us. We also had a few good friends round (we are up to 48 names and still trying to remember. Alcohol seems to make you a bit  forgetful or is that down to our age?) to enjoy a barbecue and a few beers. 130 empty beer bottles, eleven empty wine bottles, 46 burgers and 36 sausages later the party drew to a close.  As for us, we carried on into the night with a few boat dwellers at the marina.

The party sort of dwindled to an end long after it had gone dark. So we crashed out for the night on the boat. At three AM we were up drinking tea, same at  six am we needed even more tea. Why does drinking beer make you thirsty?

Bright eyed and bushy tailed
We know a few of our friends keep an eye on what we get up to via the Rose of Arden blog. So before you begin to pass comment on our state of inebriation, we should warn everyone we have the picture of you as well!!!!  Not everyone was bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning!

River Don
We want to thank everyone for coming along. You will all get the chance to join us for a few days as scurvy boat crew and press ganged lock slaves. What we don't want to do is loose touch, just because we have retired.

We are looking forward to everyone coming along for next years annual retirement barbecue as we intend to do it all over again. Practice makes perfect, so we need to do practice again next year.

So we are now off on our late Summer and Autumn cruise. We should be back by late October. However we have no idea where we are going - watch this space for periodic updates.

Regards to all.

Mick and Mags, plus scurvy crew members Poppy and Abbey.

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