Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A new crew member

Abbie -n- Poppy
Well, its about time I introduced you all to a new member of the crew on board Rosie. Meet "Abbie" who is now a permanent companion to our other crew member "Poppy". Poppy or Pops is three on the 12th of June and Abbie is an old retired lady aged twelve. For those who have not met the Memsahib, like Poppy and Abbie she is an identical twin. The Memsahib by the way is also the evil one.

Abbie joined us on test to see if she would settle on the boat OK. She stayed for our three week Easter cruise. She proved to be a good sailor in that she never fell overboard. She tended to prefer sitting on the side in the cockpit watching the world go by whilst keeping me company at the tiller. Poppy true to form went over the side on our return back to the marina. So she has maintained her record of at least one dunking per trip!

Abbie also has the endearing habit of inviting herself onto any boat to carryout a full inspection. So far her list includes Narrow boat Wayward Spinner, Dutch barge Aquarius and Cruiser Lazy Daze. (I think she is working down a tick list of boat types) If nothing else, an inquisitive and slightly over friendly Wire Haired Fox Terrier soon helps you to make a few new acquaintances on boats moored nearby.

I love the picture as it creates a Harry Worth reflection like composition.


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  1. love the new crew member - always better to have 2, gives a 'back up'. We have 2 (Rough Collies) and yes they work in tandem. Comment often made " gosh I thought it was a 2 headed dog" as they generally lay back to back.


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