Monday, 22 August 2011


We are at long last free and out on the canals cruising. We will be away now for two months. One of the problems is the lack of connectivity in some places. So the blog will be hit and miss for a while!

Today, I have posted my 300th item into the blog. Whilst the target of the blog is the inland waterways, I wanted to do something different to many other blogs who provide a day by day account of their journey. I wanted to bring my own perspective first of all from being a newbie to now injecting some humour and to writing about my observations. I also try to comment on the blogs of other people by way of encouragement. This also comes at the same time as my 20,000 visitor to the blog.
I have been blogging for 634 days or 1 year, 8 months, 27 days. That's just under one posting every two days. The current blog visitor rate is 31.5 visitors a day. It took 516 days or 1 year 5 months for the first 10,000 visitors. It took 115 days or 3 months and 24 days for the next 10,000 visitors to arrive.
This is a story about a  man, who lives in "gods wonderful county of Yorkshire". A man who also had a little dog. The man loved his  dog, for 15 years every day without fail  he took it walks. He played everyday with his canine friend and companion by throwing a small red ball. He ensured that the dog had a good diet as he fed and cared for it. Then one day sadly the dog died. The man it has to be said was heart broken about the loss of his companion of so many years.

A couple of weeks later the man took some photographs of the dog to a jewelers in Barnsley. He asked the jeweler if he could make a little statue of the dog. The jeweler asked if he wanted it in "gold or platinum?". The man said "gold would be nice but also include some precious stones for the eyes". The Jeweler asked "would that be eighteen carats?". The man said "Naw, just playing with a small red ball!" If you live outside of Yorkshire you'll maybe not understand it!


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