Thursday, 7 July 2011

British Inland Waterways on the air

There has been considerable interest in the Waterways on the air Weekend and a number of radio amateurs are considering setting up their stations to publicise the event. The event will be held on the weekend of the Inland Waterways Festival on 30 and 31 July with amateurs attempting to activate as many of the Inland Waterways as possible. Many different types of station are proposed including special event stations at locations associated with historic water transport, boats, towpaths, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, lochs and docks.

Further details of plans will be posted on the website at

Here are some station callsigns and their locations where known. Why not pop along and have a look at what "Radio Hams" get up to.

M6ADB, Selby Boat Centre
G8BFF, TS Amazon, Ashby Canal
G8CQH, Nb Egerton, Lapal Canal Trust BCN
M0BRG, Standedge Tunnel Huddersfield Narrow
G1JPV, Nb Rose of Mossley, Bridgewater or Leeds Liverpool Canals
G7FDD, Kayaker, Waterways Museum Goole Yorkshire
G3TZA, Nb Lazydays, Sowerby Bridge
M0LSX, Norfolk Broads
GB200HNC, Tunnel End Bicentinary Celebrations Wigrams Turn Grand Union
G3XJE, Nb Phaseshift, River Great Ouse Godmanchester
G4EML, Nb Athene, River Wey Surrey
M0XDF, Nb Black Swan, Bracknell
G4FOH, Nb Tambourine, Blisworth Grand Union
G1VAB, Stenson Lock Derwent
G4UPI, Nb Willy no name, The Waterways festival Stratford canal
G4BIP, Nb Gracenote, Tring Summit Grand Union
M0IFH, Nb lady of the mist, Stainforth keadby cnaal
G6NNS, Nb Rooster, Trent & Mersey
M0JDK, Nb Guava Jelly, Hawksbury Junction Coventry Canal
M5AEO, Limehouse Cut
GB3RWT, Nb Shaldon, Bridgewater Basin
G4APB, Nb Naomi, River Medway Kent
M0MCX, ex Nb wherethehellrwe, Knowle Grand Union
M0UMH, Nb Clemency, Denver Sluice Ouse
G4GEE, Nb Grace, Coventry Canal Society
M6MJK, Stanley Ferry Marina Wakefield
M8MZX, Nb Alice No 1, Skipton Canal Festival
G3PEN, Debdale Wharf Foxton Leics
G0RTX, Grendon Marina
2M0CEE, Caledonian Canal
M0JAV, Nb Carniva, Ashby Canal
G4NOW, Nb By Appointment, Little Venice Regents Canal
GB5RL, Ribble Link Tarleton Lock Leeds and Liverpool
GM0KZX, Loch Lomond
G0CSH, Hinckley
G6JTT, Nb Thanx Mam, Glocester
G4HZG, Shobnall Marina
G1BCZ, Nb land lubber, Fazely Marina
G8VHB, Nb Rose of Arden, Tinsley Marina, Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation

73 es gud DX
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