Friday, 3 June 2011

Date that will live forever in infamy

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke to Congress just one day after Japan's attack on Pearl Harbour. Roosevelt describing the previous day as "a date which will live in infamy". The speech is regarded as one of the most famous of the 20th century.

Another quote you might prefer is "Infamy, infamy, everyone's got it in for me!" a line delivered in the film Carry On Cleo by Kenneth Williams playing Caesar.  Who was in fear of his life before the conspirators and their drawn swords. It has also been voted the all-time funniest one-liner in a film.

Today is the day that I decided to stop deleting those blue pill emails that you get. (the ones that come mixed in with the offers for Rolex watches) they are the ones where you begin to wonder whether everyone else gets them or whether you are being singled out because of your age.

Today is another date that will live forever in infamy. It's my birthday! But I am not going to let that bother me. I am going to have a good time anyway, just like every other day. I have seen it all, done it all but I can't remember most of it.
Transport problems, what transport problems.

The Monkey!
In July last year Click Link I wrote a piece about using a motorcycle from a narrow boat to provide transport. We recently purchases a small "Monkey" bike just for this purpose. Here the Memsahib poses as she prepares to ride off to the salt mine. The bike is a 125cc, 4 stroke, disk brakes and a single seat. It seems to do a phenomenal amount of miles to the gallon. The tank holds 4.5 litres a rough estimate so far indicates somewhere between 150 and 175 mpg.  Top speed 95kph (60mph) Comfortable cruising speed 72kmp (45mph).
Powered by Fairy dust

Dimensions:  Length 1375mm, Width 600mm, Height 860mm, Seat height 700mm, Wheelbase 900mm, Ground clearance 170mm, Weight 66Kg.

The Bike!
Stud Fairy!
The bike is very comfortable to ride and very light and maneuverable. The Memsahib is a bit short in the legs and she can get both feet down no problem.

As the weight is only 66kg it is light enough that the performance is generally good. I am used to riding a Honda 1300cc Pan European but the monkey bike carries me with ease. It is good fun to ride and is surprisingly comfortable to ride. So maybe that's where the "stud fairy" comes from!

I did another piece about the joys of motorcycle ownership  Click Here
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