Monday, 20 June 2011


It was fathers day yesterday for those of you with a poor memory. It was also a very poignant day for us canal blogsters as well. Some of you might enjoy reading the Blog of Alan (Al) aboard Nb Buggerlugs. Always interesting and written in a vary relaxed conversational style. For those who don't know, Al had a serious accident when he fell into a dry dock and suffered a life threatening injury.

Matt, Al's son has taken over running the blog these are his words from the 23rd of May. "At approx. 4.30pm on Saturday 21st May it was the end of the world as we knew it for all those closest to Alan, my father and author of this blog. He has fallen into the dry dock and has suffered a life threatening head injury, his skull is fractured, he has multiple broken ribs and other minor injuries. He has a bleed onto his brain and is in the critical care unit, he is in a coma but stable all that can done is being done."
Latest update. Saturday the 18th of June. "Couldn't believe my eyes no nccu ward, no wires, no tubes just the old warrior sat there raising his hand into a pistol shape and pretending to shoot us as we walked towards his bed, the smile said it all no words needed to be spoken we just looked at each other with a nod. It was better than any fathers day I could of planned."
I am sure that many of you boaters would like to offer your best wishes to Al for a very speedy recovery. Click Here and post a comment.

Well, I am expecting that we might get some visitors tomorrow. A phone call at 8:45 this morning proved that the advert for the Honda Pan Euro was online on Motorcycle News. This was followed up by a couple of email messages.  I think I was secretly hoping no one would be interested and I would keep it for another couple of years. The Memsahib is wanting to downsize the house and so that also means downsizing the garage.

Latest boat news: I have just been authorised by the Memsahib to take up the carpet tiles in the saloon on Rosie and lay a wood laminate floor in its place. Guess what I will be doing next week.

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