Friday, 15 April 2011

Thought provoking

Two thought provoking items today.

The first one is a petition, the petition that has been raised to challenge the recent increases in pro-rata license fee payments.

The petition reads: The purpose of this petition is to challenge British Waterways (BW) recently increased 6 month & 3 month river licence fees to circa 80% of the annual fee & request they return to the pro-rata charging basis on the grounds the increases are both excessive, discriminatory & undemocratic because existing licence holders were not consulted despite a BW mission statement to the contrary when they could have been as BW hold existing customer contact details.

The petition which is on waterways watch, should be read in full and there is a link provided where you can add your signature if you wish.

Read the full details here.

The second thought provoking item is from down memory lane.

I spend some time surfing the web, my fingers searching out information on this, that and the other. There are some very special sites which are thought provoking and if like me and you are of a certain age. These sites  can bring back memories of a certain period in my life time.

When I view such sites,  I always feel the impact for some time afterwards. The type of day that I have afterwards can vary. One such website is hosted by Life Magazine and is The 100 Photographs that Changed the World. Viewer discretion is needed before viewing the images.

In human terms, for a photograph to have a world changing impact, violence and suffering of the worst kind is often associated with the images. Some of the photographs also highlight the bravery of individuals standing up against tyranny and oppression. Some illicit the nausea that comes with the collective guilt of how on earth did we let that happen.

Here we are, on board, enjoying a comfortable carefree lifestyle whilst cruising the canals. I hope that these images may just rock your boat!

Life Magazine and their "100 Photographs That Changed the World" then sparked a whole genre of copy cat books around this thought provoking theme.  Such as "100 Days in Photographs: Pivotal Events That Changed the World." by Nick Yapp. "Photos That Changed the World" by Peter Stepan. As well as Life Magazines "100 People Who Changed the World: A Photographic History of Those Who Mattered Most" and "100 Events That Shook the World: A History in Pictures from Last 100 Years"

Copies of Life Magazine and their "100 Photographs That Changed the World" are available on for as little as £3.03 plus postage.


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