Monday, 4 April 2011

Best of the Blogs (2)

This is the second in an occasional series of what we on Rose of Arden consider to be the "Best of the blogs."

Do you enjoy a good read, well what about a very good, political and cynical read?

Then Diamond Geezer is the blog for you.

With a bloggers jaudiced take on just about everything since September, 2002 right up to today.  I started reading this about six months ago and I am busy working my way backwards in time.  Here is a flavour of the content from August 2009.

"Below Three Mills, the Lea rises and falls. Twice a day, to be precise, because the last couple of miles of the river (along Bow Creek) are properly tidal. Sometimes the water's lapping up to the banks, and then six hours later there'll be barely a trickle creeping across the mud at the bottom of a gapingly empty channel. At such times there's no hope of navigating anything deeper than an origami paper boat, which may explain why the promised flood of waterborne Olympic construction traffic through Prescott Lock has yet to materialise. The final lock on the Lea is at Bow Locks, enhanced by a picture-postcard bow-shaped footbridge which is fun for walkers but a bit of a slog on a bike." Read the rest here.

If you would like to know something of the history and location of the  "Lost Rivers of London" then have a read just here.


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