Saturday, 19 February 2011

So close I can smell it!

I have become more laid back and mellow of late. As early retirement redundancy from my current job comes ever closer and I find myself becoming more and more relaxed. I shall be one of the down-turns casualties as I enter the ranks of the unemployed. Time slows, its like walking through treacle. I await my freedom from the drudgery of the salt mine with ever growing anticipation as my leaving date draws nearer. Yet, I am welcoming the change and the opportunity to do something different. I have a few jobs to do at home as the Memsahibs list of essential work grows ever longer. I have a few jobs to do on Rosie as well.

Last week, I began the new season preparations on Rosie as I changed the gas bottles. Two 13kg Calor gas bottles came to a total of £51.  I must shop around and find the best price. Another recent purchase was a Dirtdevil. It is a small hand held vacuum cleaner. Ideal for getting the dust and dog hair out of all those little crevices. The Memsahib even let me have a go with it.

Today's plans.

Well we have some family over this weekend who want to stay on board Rosie rather than at chateau Wits End. Today, the weather is not so good. It has been raining for most of the night, its actually snowing now and the wind has finally died away so the snow is settling into a slushy watery mess. I shall be down on Rosie this afternoon building a fire in the stove in readiness for our visitors arriving. So who knows, we might even get to do another short run up to the Sheffield basin and back again.

Future (short term) plans.

We have been searching for a new car for a while. We have now settled on a diesel Audi A3 coupe in black. We had a test drive of one and we have been completely smitten. Bit of serious haggling and we came to a compromise deal where we saved next years mooring and licence fees for the boat, off the car price.

Next to plan is the first real cruise of the season based around the up coming Easter break.

Future (long term) plans.

Including the Memsahib, who will also be leaving the salt-mine to become another casualty of the banking crisis. But it will be summer before the shackles are off for her. Then it will be time to plan our first serious cruise on Rosie, but one without a real return date in mind. That should keep me day dreaming for a while. Well, until I get the reminder nudge at my elbow from she who must be obeyed.



  1. Enjoy the freedom and remember those still down the salt mine (actually did go down one a couple of years back)

  2. Hi Paul.

    I have been in the "retirement from academia" frame of mind for about a year now. The opportunity to be a volunteer made redundant was a sweetener in my case. I know there are others who are still turning up each day at the salt-mine. With worries about their jobs.


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