Saturday, 4 September 2010

Canal Borrowers!

Do you remember "The Borrowers" a series of children's fantasy novels by Mary Norton and early 1990's TV series about tiny people who live in the homes of big people and "borrow" things to survive while at the same time keeping their existence secret.

During our last voyage I started taking note of the odd items floating past in the water or discarded on the bank side. I came across the odd boat fender and logs of wood and other such detritus of everyday living. The first item that we "borrowed" stright from the river Don just below Aldwark lock was a brand new eight foot plank of wood, the type with the metal end protectors. The second borrowed item was from the canal just below Eastwood lock and was a Go-Cart tyre which seemed to have no damage or wear of any kind. The third borrowed item was located at Rotherham lock moorings where there was a pile of fresh cut wood logs.

So the first item has now been set aside for when we eventually bring a small motorcycle on board. Our existing gang plank is not substantial enough to wheel a motorbike across. The second item will be used on our mooring jetty to cushion the back of the boat. The third item was half a ton of fresh cut ash logs, which I convinced the men removing the trees would be good for the narrow boat fire.

Dog Tales:-
We have decided that Pop's needs to have restricted access to the front and back of the boat when underway. Her latest escapade "Dog Overboard" has set in motion a plan to tether her where she can have room to move around but without reaching the point where she can tumble overboard. Pop's is a big part of our lives and we enjoy having her onboard but she seems to be flirting with disaster all the time. Keeping an eye on her welfare can be most distracting at times.

Something for the Weekend:-
The weather looks to be set fine for the weekend, my plans include checking on the batteries and topping up with distilled water if needed. Checking on the various belts and filters which will also be changed if needed. I may even get to slap on a bit of paint which is needed in a few odd spots to repair the odd scuff along the gunwale. Plus the Rosie could do with a good wash especially her roof.

Have you ever thought about having a go at Geocaching? This is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by people equipped with a GPS device. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, that are located outdoors. There are caches secreted around the UK canals and oter nearby locations. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.

Andrew Denny on Granny Buttons Blog has an intro article about geocaching.


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