Friday, 16 July 2010

Signwriter or done in vinyl?

I have started to attend to the paintwork on Rosie, it is going to be a busy long weekend. The Memsahib is away in Birmingham with Doctor Steph annoying the itinerant tradesmen as the "la masure" is brought up to her exacting standards. For me, that means a "relaxing" weekend starting and finishing jobs on a whim! Playing with the satellite TV set-up and slave driving a work colleague Phil who has foolishly volunteered to put a few hours into the T-Cut of the paintwork.

I was up and about at 6:30 took the dogs for a good walk along the tow-path in brilliant sunshine. A long hot shower followed by the traditional English breakfast set me up for some rubbing down. We have another boat Zindagi belonging to Dave and Val that is visiting the moorings.  Zindagi is moored in the spare slot, so I have made a start on  the starboard side. When the other mooring comes free (currently under a BW auction) I can haul Rosie over to get at the other side.

Had a quick chat with Dave off Zindagi whilst making a first pass of the T-Cut regime. I was not sure if it is the same Zindagi who's blog I have come across in the past. Maybe I should have asked,  however, when I went home to feed the cats I did a quick check on-line and it was! They have some visitors aboard today so I shall leave them in peace. I might get a chance chatter more before they leave tomorrow.

It looks like there are several layers of Mer plus a layer of wax or some other protective coat. It looks like it is going to be a long job getting back to the original layer. I got in two hours and two panels before the wind and rain arrived. So I started to watch a bit of the golf from St Andrews. That's when John, Tracy and Holly arrived. So I missed out on some of the live golf. Looks like being an evening with the highlights.

Talking of paintwork, I started to look around on the tinterwebby at possible local sources of signwriters because I want to get some signwriting updated on Rosie. When I came across this site with interesting samples of the work of signwriter Tim Hobbs. Unfortunately for us, Tim is a bit remote from our present location - that is unless we plan a trip to the Kennet and Avon at some time in the future. I have also looked around at the vinyl graphics option on the web. However, I was not impressed by what I had found so far. Well that was until I found that Tim has a section on his website on high quality vinyl graphics.

As Tim says "Many boat owners these days are finding that either a good Traditional Signwriter is hard to find or the cost is prohibitive. As a result more and more are taking the vinyl option. As a Traditional Signwriter myself I am finding this to be the case, certainly in my locality. There are many suppliers of vinyl graphics out there but can you find something that not only looks the part but gives you something completely unique to your boat? Now you can. I can now produce graphics in cut vinyl that reflect all of my own experience signwriting boats on the cut. Have a look at Tim's Vinyl Gallery by clicking here."


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