Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The prospect of a long weekend.

Thursday 1st July 2010

Well, the weekend fast approaches and the weather looks set fair, again. So we will get our first opportunity to have a long weekend spent aboard "Rosie". We will be arriving in Doncaster on Friday afternoon and plan to just potter along the river towards Sheffield. We both have arranged to have next Monday off work, so that should let us have an extra third night on board.

This week has been a "shopping for the boat" week. Sounding like something from the "Generation Game" Purchases made include an electric kettle, small microwave, a pack-away barbecue, Jacko the cuddly toy, fondue set and some extra pots and pans for the kitchen. Now the Memsahib is one of those "minimalist is good" people. Whereas I am one of those, we need it - lets get it people. It should add an extra dimension to the negotiations about what, goes where and why.

We have more friends coming to join us this weekend to spend some time on the boat. However, they have arranged for their two children to spend some time elsewhere. So I guess it will be an eating and boozing weekend. It is a source of amazement to us both about how, even more popular than ever we have become since aquiring the boat - Rosie, must be some sort of good luck charm!

We hope to work our way up through the Tinsley Locks on Saturday afternoon. We have a mooring arranged at Tinsley Boat Club Marina. We will be there for about two weeks before re-tracing our steps. The paperwork for the mooring came through from British Waterways only yesterday. I rang the lock keeper today to arrange a time for passage.


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