Tuesday, 31 May 2016

French letter (19)

A Road Less Travelled
'A French Letter'

Saint Aubin de Pouancè

31st May 2016

The news on Television is still dire, with some major roads now being blockaded. The ongoing threat of a general strike is spreading and expanding to include the railways and the power generation centres. Fuel supplies continue to be problematical. There are thousands of commercial vehicles stranded on the roadside that have now run low or run out of fuel. 


Today another British motorhome came into the 'Aires'. The couple had crossed over to Le Havre and then found the local (River Seine) A29 bridge in Le Havre was barricaded shut by protestors. This created a two hour detour along the A131 and then the A13 before they could get back on their planned route south. The couple are making their way down to northern Spain. However, on the enforced detour they were lucky to find a fuel station that had just taken in a delivery and so were able to fill their almost empty fuel tank.

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