Monday, 7 September 2015

Dysfunctional Election.

The elections (plural) are coming. One is for the leader of the Labour party - which if the election goes the same way as the expectation from thousands of people signing up to vote. Should see a return to old Labour policies. The electorate have awakened from their slumbers. Its taken quite some time. However, they have been prodded awake by scandals in Westminster as the MP's selectively fiddle their expenses.

The other election that is taking place is for representation to the Council of the Canal and River Trust. Now you may remember that the positions on council were for supposedly independent boaters. However, in a parallel somewhat akin to shenanigans at Westminster where there is much gerrymandering. Well surprise, surprise a spoon full of gosh and golly and a large portion of shock and horror. The anointed four were by some unhappy coincidence all in the higher echelons of the Inland Waterways Association.

But here is the rub, whereas our MP's like to be seen to represent their electorate. Our MP's  hold surgeries and attend various meetings often with the electorate. Ostensibly to gather the wants and needs of the electorate. Like a Kafkaesque novel, our representatives to the Trusts council went into omerta mode. A sort of secret silence and nothing has been heard of them for the last three years. To be blunt, the silence has been palpable and at the same time absolutely deafening.

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