Friday, 5 June 2015

Pacing myself.

Had to go to the hospital yesterday to have my new pacemaker tuned up. Bit of a bicycle ride (I promise that I did not mow down any old ladies) while they set the system up. Then while making my way out of the Rabbit warren that is the NGH in Sheffield. I was following an Asian lady out who was having a conversation on a mobile phone. Her voice was so loud and the long hallway was echoing the sound. She was saying the same thing over and over again (nodding her head with each word for emphasis)  so obviously whoever was on the other end could not understand because of the echo and the voice that was obviously exceeding the dynamic range of the phone..

Me being me, and as subtle as a poke in the eye. I put my finger to my lips and did a shush... Well, if it was loud before - it was mega loud now and aimed this time at me. As I am not fluent and don't understand 'the speak' but I do understand some bits. Having travelled well in north Africa and southern Asia I recognised a couple of very choice words. (I was taught a phrase by a taxi driver in Egypt that seem to have the same effect as the Dubya Bush shock and awe tactics.) Especially when its administered to those pushy sales people in the various souk and bazaars.)

There was also some gesticulations on her part - which being the universal sign language - I certainly got that message loud and clear.  Though the person on the other end of the phone must have been utterly perplexed by what was going on. There was an Asian family coming the other way. Who certainly understood the full context of the language and there was fear in their eyes. They stood to one side on our approach. So I rolled my eyes upwards and did the stirring the brain with your finger universal sign language for a nutter. For which I got the raised eyebrow and the knowing nod in return.

What is it about people - why do they need to talk so loud into a mobile phone. Why when someone can't understand them do they feel the need to shout even louder. Why does Arabic sound like an angry voice even when being used normally.

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