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Twice across North America by motorboat.

Twice across North America by motorboat
by John Edwin Hogg 
From the towers of Manhattan to the soaring peaks of the Pacific Northwest, North America is unbelievably vast and beautiful. On its waterways, thousands of boat enthusiasts journey for those thrills and adventures that only trips on the water afford. Most boatmen are content to take short cruises. But long-distance cruising is becoming more and more popular. 

Twice across North America by Motorboat is the story of a man who in 1925 made the first transcontinental crossing, from Oregon to New York. Boating conditions were far less favourable then than they are now. 
In 1959, to repeat the journey under the new conditions, he took an outboard cruiser coast to coast from East to West. Vigorous, peppery, 69-year-old John Edwin Hogg tells of the excitement, the problems, and the joys of both his trans continental trips. 

In 1925, Hogg and movie cameraman Frank Wilton had an 18-foot runabout powered by a single outboard engine. They camped most of the way along the 137-day journey. The rivers, particularly in the West, were torn by rapids and floods, which made for hazardous going. 

The 1959 journey, which Hogg made with young John Richard Dahl, was an adventure of another kind. This time even handling the 19-foot, fiberglass craft, powered by twin engines much more powerful than the 1925 putt-putt, was exciting. New marinas offered hospitality and supplies all along the way. 

The book is out of copywrite and can be downloaded in various electronic formats such as for the Kindle, in ePub or PDF from here: Click to Download

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