Saturday, 10 January 2015

Paper Exercise

When your inland waterways operation is short of money and its very lifeblood is reliant on charitable donations from the public. At the same time there should also be an understanding that the giving public is a very fickle animal. Allowances have to be made to encourage that giving. The 'giving' are as far as the canals are concerned a relatively small group of people who hate seeing their donations disappear into financial black hole. Everyone knows that the canal is in reality a haven for fly tippers. Who are encouraged to use the canals as a dumping ground because of their run down and dilapidated condition.

The one thing that is imperative when courting potential and existing 'friends' is to avoid any bad publicity. In fact you have to be on a 'charm offensive' and need to be seen to be doing a good deeds and carrying out worthwhile acts. Even though the Trust is trying to put on a front, suggesting that all is now wonderful along the canal. There needs to be a level of introspection on the public persona that is being projected.

The cause of 'charitable giving' is also not helped when through 'inequality of arms' the Trust with a suite of expensive solicitors and barristers. Seemingly all shadow boxing in its corner, ready to duff up their next opponent. When we all know that across that court room CaRT is faced in the other corner by a vulnerable member of the public. Often with no or limited representation. The series of prominent 'show cases' followed shortly afterwards by towpath evictions have done nothing to improve that image. All paid for through those very same public charitable donations.

Its a paper exercise, in the main because the outcome for other than the individual boater is irrelevant.  For all the point scoring in the world, can't redeem a repugnant reputation for spendthrift litigation and strong arm tactics. Especially when its seen by the chattering classes to be targeted at the old, infirm and vulnerable individuals.

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