Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Galaxy Images.

I have been doing a bit of searching through the images on 'Zooniverse.' The idea is that images of galaxies are categorised. This helps the research scientists by doing a low level sort of the images.  Here is a typical image of a Spiral Galaxy. However in this image the arms of the galaxy are very prominent. The galaxy size is about 200,000 light years across and is about twice the size of our own milky way galaxy.

This galaxy is hard to categorise as it seems to be made up of a mixture of two different types. This is not a rare occurrence as galaxies occasionally collide with each other. It has the hallmarks of a globular and spiral mixture. 

This is my favourite image so far. I call it the 'String of Pearls.' It is a spiral galaxy with areas of bright star formation. In the image the pearls seem to be almost equally spaced.  It looked quite different from most of the images I have categorised so far.  So I flagged this image for attention.

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