Friday, 21 February 2014

Who has lost the plot!

In this time of austere finances and many people being forced out of work. There are some people in work, who obviously have far too much spare time on their hands. These people are it seems out of their comfort zone and have been responsible for making some amazing decisions. Decisions that should in reality make us all laugh our socks off - if it was not for the blindingly obvious serious intention. An intention that lies behind the monumental demonstration of a lack of common sense.

Take for instance, Warrington Bank Quay railway station. This was the first railway station to put up no-kissing signs on its concourse. Yes you read that right, no kissing signs. Why? Not only that, they even added the signs to the station platforms. As the common sense disappeared over the horizon, signs were then added to the taxi rank. Then in a Kafkaesque moment of stupidity they then designated a kissing zone in a corner of the car park. But it gets better. Another sign informing rail passengers that kissing is welcome has been put up at High Wycombe station. The notice in the entrance informs customers: "Kissing is welcome here!" It was put up after revelations that petting had been outlawed at Warrington Bank Quay Station.

As obesity grows out of control in our nation and we are all being warned and advised to monitor our weight and to avoid eating certain kinds of foodstuff. Over in the USA stupidity has hit a whole new level. GP Dr Terry Bennett was told by health bosses to write a letter of apology to a patient. The patient complained after Dr Bennett told her she was obese and that she ought to lose weight. Dr Bennett said "This woman walked out of my surgery and did not appear to be unhappy. She went to get her husband, who is also grossly obese.  I had talked about the future for the both of them to her. Then three weeks later, I get notice that I have got a complaint against me." Crass stupidity knows no bounds when it comes to our health!

In Britain we have over the years come to value people from other parts of the world.  It was not always like that, there were times when people were discriminated against on the colour of their skin. I like to think that we have mellowed and come to realise that the colour of anyone's skin has absolutely no correlation to their value as a person. In reality, the bigots and racist are now recognised as being of a lower order than an amoeba. So imagine the furore when a member of staff at a coffee shop in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow refused to serve a customer a 'black' coffee as they considered it to be racist. I wonder if he wanted brown or white sugar?

There are endless stories about young, inexperienced and gullible people being taken in by colleagues in the workplace. Usually by being sent to purchase tins of tartan paint or packets of spirit level bubbles. You could be forgiven for thinking this is another apocryphal story. It seems that Dudley Council has spent £5,300 on Braille signs. However, the Braille signs were intended for a local leisure centre’s doors into the squash court. Advising patrons of the need for wearing suitable footwear. I understand that the gentlemen's toilets have also been identified by gentleman symbol. The ladies toilets have been identified by a photograph of the full Dudley Council. 

The game of cricket is usually practised by people on warm summers days. However, the game is interrupted for lunch and interrupted later by tea. However the game can always be expected to be interrupted by the odd shower of rain! So you might be forgiven for thinking that  staff at the London Fields Lido in Hackney were also playing a game. However, this time it was not cricket, when it declared that it was unsafe to swim after there was a brief rain shower. Apparently the conditions could impair the vision of the lifeguards. Anyone heard of swimming goggles?

Britain is full of what we can only describe as heritage, which along with obvious castles, Beefeater and rolling cheese down a hill are most compelling reasons for being who we are. Our heritage comes in many different guises. Old buildings are protected for their glory or their age. Our canals are once again recognised as a national treasure. Aircraft are restored to their former glory. Our heritage is also built upon our history such as wars. One thing that we all like to celebrate is Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night.  Personally, I admire Fawkes as being one of the few men to ever enter parliament with honourable intentions. However, Watford's annual bonfire which is held at Cassiobury Park was banned by the council after 38 years as it no longer complied with the town’s smoke-free policy. Someone should get a rocket!

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