Sunday, 8 December 2013

We Own It!

We Own It! Believes that public services are better run for people not profit. We Own It! are campaigning for public ownership, against privatisation.

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Public ownership is becoming more and more popular and this report (pdf) explains why. Click Here by exploring some of the best practice in the UK and the rest of Europe.

The physicist Prof. Stephen Hawking has paid tribute to the NHS and warned that it must be protected from commercial interests and privatisation. What do you think?

Would you hand supervision of offenders to companies with no experience? And pay them up front regardless of performance? This is the government's grand plan for the sell off of probation services. What do you think?

The Big Six has seen profits increase 75% to £1.19 billion last year, while maintaining that higher bills are due to the rising wholesale cost of energy. It is clear that the energy market is not competitive, and only benefits the energy companies' shareholders. We need to end this profiteering and bring energy provision into public ownership. What we really need is public ownership of our energy; a return to energy supply as a public service rather than a cash cow for private shareholders. What do you think? 

After the Olympics fiasco and concerns over their management of prisons, G4s have now admitted to overcharging the government by £23 million on electronic tagging contracts. Let's cut out the expensive middle man; we need public ownership of our public services. What do you think?

Atos and G4S carried out £2billion of public service contracts last year, yet paid no corporation tax on their earnings. Should we have a right to strip tax-dodging companies of their government contracts. What do you think?

The rail companies made 147% return on their investment last financial year. Supermarkets make around 8%, the banks around 10%. 20 years of privatisation has only benefited the rail companies, not us. The solution? Public ownership and services run for people, not profit.
What do you think?

'Public services have always moved from daylight into darkness when private managers take them over.' This is why we're calling for companies running our public services to release financial and performance data as a matter of course, and to be subject to Freedom of Information requests. What do you think?

A Corporate Watch Study has found that people are paying £2 billion more a year – or around £80 per household - than they would be if the water and sewerage supply was publicly financed. Yet shareholders were paid £1.5 billion in 2010-11. How do you feel about your water bills funding shareholders dividends rather than improving services. What do you think?

The East Coast rail franchise is the only franchise run by the public sector; it's also the most efficient in the UK, according to the Office of Rail Regulation. Do you think it should stay in public hands. What do you think?

The UK government is encouraging the privatisation of police services which could see separate contracts for crime investigation, forensics, 999 call-handling, custody and detention and other support services being held by cost cutting, competing businesses focusing primarily on profit.  Yet, the priority given to the public interest will be lost, as will any overall integration of service, strategic vision, accountability or public service ethos. What do you think?

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