Monday, 25 November 2013

Todays Hero

OK, I'm a bit fickle I have all time hero's, Mandella, Ghandi and a few others. But like the kid I am at heart (though the body might indicate otherwise) I also have what I describe as a daily hero. This is today's hero. Greenpeace activist Phil Ball has been granted bail by a Russian court. All done while wearing a brilliant prison-made t-shirt with “Save the Arctic” stitched on in Russian.

Whether you agree or disagree with oil and gas exploration in the artic.These individuals have the courage of their conviction to make a stand and to make a peaceful protest. Phil is only one amongst a huge list of such people. The Russians have thorough their actions galvanised a huge swing of awareness in the the real dangers encapsulated in this issue and also brought a great deal of discredit for their version of democracy. 

My antipodean hero is Australian Arctic activist Colin Russell. Unlike his fellow protesters he has been detained until February by a Russian court after a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling. All other members of the Arctic 30 have been granted bail and all but one have been released from the detention centre. However, they still face the charge of hooliganism - which in the enlightened time of Putin's medieval Russia - carries up to seven years in jail.

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