Saturday, 9 November 2013


I have a few questions that have niggled away for a long time. We are a pretty inventive crowd and my memory goes way back to the start of the nuclear age and Harold Wilson's white heat of technology speech. Which was accompanied by a very fanciful notion that was supposed to bring us all a more leisurely lifestyle based on a 1 day working week. Well... can you remember those personal jet packs that were going to allow us all to zoom around in the sky. I just can't understand why they never took off.

The Memsahib goes on and on all the time about the toilet seat. "Don't forget to lift the seat when you go" she likes to frequently remind me. Now us human beings being inventive by nature. Why did we not invent the self lifting toilet seat. That would be much better than the common or garden self closing ones. If we had self opening toilet seats, she would not feel the need to remind me every day.   

While we are on the subject of the various idiosyncrasies of the Memsahib. Why is it that everyone driving faster than the Memsahib is considered to be a blithering idiot. Yet everyone driving slower than the Memsaib is a frigging moron. Not only that, but is it legal for her to travel down a one way road in reverse, as long as she is following the direction of the traffic.

Another one, that has puzzled me for a while is 'how important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just plain murdered?" I know its regicide if someone bumps off the monarch or tyrannicide if the monarch who is bumped off is a tyrant. How much more important can it be than to be the current monarch or ex monarch as it would be in this case. Because I'm sure whoever it is that gets bumped off will not be happy, whether it was by way of common murder or the much more rare assassination.

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