Friday, 24 May 2013

IDS aka In Deep Sh*t

Today we have a heartwarming story about Ian Duncan Smith. Also known to many swivel eyed loonie conservatives as "IDS" Which is by pure coincidence is txt speak for "In Deep Shit." IDS has lived upto his text name and is to be held to account for his misuse of Government Statistics. Only last month IDS told journalists that one million people are claiming benefits yet able to work. The problem was - it wasn't strictly true. With a nose as long as Pinocchio IDS told a big fat fib, a porkie pie and a right load of shit!

That's why 96,666 people have so far signed Jayne and Debbie's Petition to demand the Work and Pensions Committee to hold IDS to account for his crass and calculated use of misleading government statistics on welfare. This week the Committee announced they would do just that. Iain Duncan Smith will face questions by the Committee over his department's use of the statistics. The New Statesman reported the story. However, the DWP have slipped the news out quietly.
We are really proud that we started this petition. It's often feels like politicians get away with saying whatever they like and as two disabled people affected by the benefit changes, we're fed up with the spin. By starting this petition we've shown that everyone has the tools to call politicians out if they start spinning statistics. 
The inquiry is set to happen in June so we'll keep the petition open until then. We both hope to attend the session and see Iain Duncan Smith face some tough questions. We'll let you know how it goes. 
In the meantime - a big thank you for all your support! Jayne Linney & Debbie Sayers.

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