Thursday, 28 March 2013

Birmingham: its people, its history

Here is a list of curators' tours on Birmingham history, which are taking place on the first and third Tuesday of each month at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.  These tours all take place in the new permanent Birmingham history galleries. So if you are boating in the area and would like to find out a bit more of the history of Birmingham - here is your chance.

Birmingham: its people, its history
Curators’ talks 2013
All on Tuesdays, 1 pm £2 per person
Please buy your ticket at reception and meet in the Round Room

  1. 2 Apr Sylvia Crawley Introduction to 18th century Birmingham
  2. 16 Apr Sylvia Crawley Butchers, Bakers and Candlestick makers: Birmingham trades in the 18th century
  3. 7 May Jo-Ann Curtis Cadbury’s Angels: Experience of Women Workers in the Early 20th Century
  4. 21 May Martin Ellis The making of stained glass in Birmingham and theMidlands
  5. 4 Jun Sylvia Crawley Entertainment in 18th century Birmingham
  6. 18 Jun Jo-Ann Curtis From paintings to postcards – snap shots of Birmingham through its history
  7. 2 Jul Henrietta Lockhart Faith and Social Conscience: some examples of faith in action from Birmingham’s history
  8. 16 Jul Adam Jaffer Introduction to Your Birmingham
  9. 6 Aug Sylvia Crawley Dogs, horses and bulls: a look at animals in Birmingham’s history
  10. 20 Aug Sylvia Crawley When things go wrong: difficult times in 18th century Birmingham
  11. 3 Sept Adam Jaffer Introduction to Your Birmingham
  12. 17 Sept Jo-Ann Curtis Birmingham at War – Industry during wartime
  13. 1 Oct Henrietta Lockhart Birmingham’s role in the abolition of the slave trade
  14. 15 Oct Henrietta Lockhart Birmingham: a city made by migration


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