Thursday 21 February 2013

A licence to procreate

I am coming to the opinion that people are much more strange that you might at first think. Abstract thought displayed by others-  is at times a bit worrying. I am expecting sometime soon that there will be a testing regime put in place by parliament, so that we can all qualify for a procreation licence to have a family. Although man has been successful at replicating the species for thousands of years. The success rate has been pretty good so far. However there is the odd exception like "Timmy Mallett" and certain MP's that I admit proves the rule.

Why do I think we are going to need a procreation licence before we spread our genetic influence upon the unsuspecting world. It was started by listening to a politician - "I know that I should know better" It started with John Major and family values that he espoused and liked to share with Edwina.  A sort of a reverse of Silvio Berlusconi.  But I like to live life on the edge and I have listened to another. Twonk MP has raised objections to same sex marriage. He believes that only couples of opposite gender should be allowed to marry each other. The whole premise of his belief is that marriage is a contract between two people. It's intention is so that we can procreate.

If you were to ask this person how he felt about people of different ethnic backgrounds being refused what is open to everyone else. He would be harrumphing the party line and carrying on about equality, racism and discrimination.
So for those childless couples or the ones that decide they don't for whatever reason want a family or marrying by false pretences. Now call me old and cynical - but our species has been procreating quite successfully for much longer than politics and the church or registry have been conducting such services. However, the real fly in the ointment is that no matter how you mix up the genders. There is only one proven method of procreating successfully and that involved one of each gender. Two blokes, or two wenches be they married or otherwise have not succeeded yet as far as I know to procreate the species. 

So if a couple of blokes or wenches who are in love with each other. Want a marriage service to cement their relationship. They can't exactly turn up at the local church because of the ancient prejudice. Now it seems that some MP's don't want same gender couples to be able to turn up at the local registry for the same sort of reason. So why would this MP not be harrumphing and carrying on about how he compromises their inequality and discrimination because of an ancient prejudice.


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  1. And I thought this was going to be a blog about '12 good citizens and true'. Funnily enough that also includes an MP, sex, & family values with lies and stupidity (both the defendants and the jury) thrown in for good measure.



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