Saturday, 5 January 2013

Waterways Celebrities....

It seems that the blog has been noted in the latest issue of Towpath Talk. Issue 87, on page 92. In the "Wet Web" section, Editor, Helen Gazeley browses the boating blogs.
Quote: A ‘grumpy old curmudgeon’ is how Rose of Arden’s blogger describes himself ( Mike’s Blog of the Month takes you to fascinating places you might not have found otherwise, including Trying My Patients (, a rather gripping account of the world of a paramedic. Full of groan-worthy jokes and puns, Mike also likes to express his opinion of the Canal and River Trust; you can guess what it is when you see he’s reassigned the letters to Conservation and Recreation Taliban.
I have a few more such as:

There is also mention of Nora Batty a northern lady on the Inland Waterways.

Quote: On the ingeniously named widebeam Takey Tezey(, Heather writes a blog about life afloat and in general, features some impressive sunsets, and, presumably has been caught once too often in the rain, as she recommends Canvas Man (, based in Otley, Yorkshire. Chris Salisbury started the company by himself in a cellar and now has a team of cutters, sewers and fitters creating covers, hoods and tonneaux for cratches and sterns and a host of other structures. The website offers advice on cleaning acrylic covers and the inset windows. If you have a different fabric, you’re welcome to get in touch for advice and they also carry out repairs.
One or two other inland waterways blogs also got a mention.
Quote: Accuweather ( captured the attention of Yvonne, blogging about life on nb Fizzical Attraction (http://fizzical-attraction. With a bit of delving, the website will give you very local forecasts for the next days or month, radar and satellite animations for the past few hours, times of sunrise and sunset, even forecasts on the risks of migraine and asthma. Apps are available for your smartphone and iPad. 
Quote: Ian and Irene Jamieson, on board Free Spirit (, are currently posting some lovely wildlife photographs. They also direct visitors to Thames Cruising (, a new website set up only last November by Richard and Sue of Indigo Dream ( and Kathryn of Leo No2 ( 
Quote: Thames Cruising was born out of the increasing difficulty they found on the CRT website in finding what they needed. The result is a collation of information on cruising the Thames tideway from Teddington, Limehouse, Brentford and Barking Creek, and also their home stamping ground of the River Wey and Godalming Navigations and Basingstoke Canal. Although the site is still under development, it’s already garnered glowing thanks from users, and furnishes links and checklists to prepare for the journey. If you think of anything you’d like them to add to the website, let them know. 
Quote: Tom and Jan on Waiouru ( have posted plentiful and useful links relating to their boat build. They also warmly recommend Talky Toaster (, a site run by computer security expert Martin Overton which offers free Garmin GPS maps, and http://oscompare.ragged, part of the Open Street Maps wiki site (, which pinpoints postcodes, useful for your supermarket deliveries.


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