Monday, 1 October 2012

Android Apps For Boaters.

OK, I admit it, I am a gadget freak. I should attend Gadge-a-holics anonymous. I just love technology and I am always looking for ways to use information gathered from gadgets to apply to our boating adventures.

I purchased an Samsung Galaxy Ace Android phone when we were back in Birmingham. It was a replacement for my old phone that was on the point of giving up the ghost. Click Here to read the story.

I have blogged a bit in the past about Android phone applications. The first blog posting was about a game that involved "dog fighting". In the modern world of techno savvy children. Maybe this is something that we don't want to poison their minds with. As a "sport" that is frowned upon by most of society I was surprised that Google would host such an application. I'm not being an old fuddy duddy but somethings are tasteless and are exploiting our children.  Click Here to see the posting.

The third posting was when I lost my phone. Three weeks into ownership of the Android phone and I had managed to loose it. More by luck than good judgement I has spotted and installed an application that helps with locating a lost phone.  The application helped me to recover my phone. Click Here to read all the gory details. 

So I thought I might write a bit about some other useful Android applications for boaters that I have been playing around with. One such useful application is UK Aerial Alignment. It's a compass type application that automatically points towards the nearest television transmitter site.

UK Aerial Alignment will help you align your [digital] TV aerial to the most suitable transmitter. Place your phone horizontally and the aerial sketch [on screen] rotates and points to the most suitable transmitter. [You can also] View transmitters and your location on a map view and select other transmitters from this view. [You can also] Select other transmitters from a list.
I have been using this application for a short while now and it works faultlessly. It's a very quick and simple application to use. It's also Free of Charge!


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